Different types of abayas you should know about

Aren’t abayas a must in Muslim women’s wardrobe? They help you in staying covered and probably one of the easiest and most convenient ways to dress up for casual everyday wear to events as well. But before you could fill your wardrobe with them, here are some different styles you should know about:

  • Closed abaya

This is the traditional pick which is simple without any fanciness going around. Because it is closed off and the only way to wear is through its neck. It is a convenient option for those who would like to skip wearing pants and instead go out in their pjs. One thing that you need to be careful about while selecting abaya would be its cut and style so that the flare does not restrict the movement of the feet.

  • Open buttoned abaya

This is a modern take on traditional abayas. They are open from front and tied with buttons. The buttons can be fancy and this seems to be a more popular option amongst women to prefer. There are different ways to style this one and you can try the variations as well. Though the inconvenience that you may need to face would be that you have to be careful of the pants that you wear as it may show up and peek through the abaya.

  • The kimono styled abaya

As suggested by its name, this one is inspired by the Japanese kimono where one side overlaps the other. This abaya also contains different elements of sash and fancy work on it. It is certainly very trendy which you can even style and flaunt at any event. But this one is different from the others mentioned because the kimono style is for the fashion rather than convenience which means you will have to wear something presentable underneath.

  • Two-piece abaya

This is probably the most helpful and useful one out there. This comes in two pieces of a simple closed off abaya and open abaya whenever you want, however you like to style. This helps you in being ready as quick as possible. You won’t have to worry about dressing appropriately, rather you will be ready without any efforts.

These are a few styles which you need in your wardrobe at all times. They will help you get through any occasion and you will be thankful to own them.

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