FAQs About Hospitals

Even though there is no question that you have to ask when you enter the hospital, you are asked questions that why are you hear and what is wrong with you. But there are people who always the craziest questions and some never get the satisfactory answer, for them we are here, and we want to tell you about those answers. We gathered some data from online about hospitals and what people think of them and how they need to get improved but people ended up asking questions in the comment box, see the below post about the questions asked about hospitals in Jumeirah Dubai and when you visit the cosmetic dentist in Dubai:

  1. There are a number of people who have asked us that can we bring cell phone inside the hospital if we are admit? And the answer varies because there are different hospitals that don’t allow the patients to take the cell phones and there had been many cases where the patients gets shocked and emotional while they are on the phone and they want to do something bad with themselves. But there are some hospitals that do allow people to bring in their cell phones so because they don’t get depressed.
  2. People also ask the can a family member spend the night with me? This answer also varies from hospital to hospital. As there are different hospitals that say that you can let one person stay and those are the ones that don’t give duty with the patient at night but there are some hospitals that say that there is no need for an outsider we can handle at our own.
  3. There are people who have asked the craziest question and that is they asked that where they can smoke? And the answer varies again because there are hospitals that give you the freedom to smoke but under supervision because if you smoked a lot, that could be bad for you and then there are some hospitals where it is strictly forbidden to smoke at all. And if you got caught smoking, you could end up facing charges and paying heavy and huge fines as well.
  4. People also ask that how long will I be at the hospital? Well, that matters on your health, there are hospitals that don’t argue and don’t let you go unless you are well.