Top foods to eat to pamper your skin

Everyone loves and wishes to have fair coloured and lovely skin that can glue the eyes of every other person. However, it needs some work, it is not impossible.

There are many ways to get it back but the best way is to have natural products like foods. Foods have solution to everything as is said by experts at a medical center in Motor City. Some of them can improve your health a lot. Some of them are:

  • Fish:
    However, it smells, it has so many elements and nutrition which your skin need. Most importantly, it has Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids keep your skin thick. Its deficiency can cause dryness. Secondly, your fridge’s salmon has zinc and Vitamins. Vitamins is store of antioxidants which keep it from inflammation and lesions. Zinc, on the other hand, play an important role in production of new cells in skin. And it is the continuous production that keep it fresh and look young. This new production, besides, work as barrier against inflammation and lesions. Therefore, make sure that you have it done on a weekly basis.
  • Sweet Potato:
    If you want healthy colour of your skin, then have half cup cooked sweet potatoes regularly!
    Sweet potatoes have beta-carotenoids and carotenoids which protect your skin from sun’s harmful rays and UV radiations due to which you will be saved from sunburn and other side effects of it. Goof and healthy consumption of it result in natural and orange coloured skin which you will love the most.
  • Tomatoes:
    Tomatoes can keep your skin free of wrinkles and sunburns because of being excellent source of Vitamin C and lycopene. Beside lycopene, this vegetable or fruit has other carotenoids too that can be more beneficial if they are consumed with any fat rich foods because fat helps in the absorption of them.
  • Dark Chocolate:
    If you love chocolate, then you have another chance to eat chocolates because cocoa of dark chocolate is beneficial for your skin. It keep your skin hydrated and thick. Intake of 20gms of dark chocolate everyday can keep it away from UV radiation and increase blood flow in skin. So, if you want less dry and less sensitive skin, then have dark chocolate everyday.

So, these are few foods which you should have regularly to get your college life skin back without even acquiring the best botox in Dubai!